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Augmented Reality (AR) is part of the industrial revolution. Every year there are new use cases being realized by Augmented Reality. The technology is rapidly evolving and thus allowing greater capabilities year after year. Some companies are waiting on the sidelines for the technology to get better and have more features, however, this is similar to not upgrading your smartphone because a new version will come out this year, and this is not good for businesses who want to remain competitive in the marketplace. Our experts can help introduce Augmented Reality to your organization and discuss its benefits.


Work Instructions

In manufacturing, a final product consists of many components assembled in a specific sequence. Quality Assurance (QA) is responsible for testing the product at various stages throughout the assembly process. Depending on the industry, an assembly mistake can cause a component to become a choking hazard in a child’s toy, or a sensor installed with the wrong orientation can result in a rocket malfunction.

With Augmented Reality, the right work instructions can be displayed to the worker during the assembly process making sure they have all information available at all times.



Faster Engineering Models

With advancements in Additive Manufacturing coupled with CAD technologies, we are able to 3D print product models to touch, visualize and test before going into production. Augmented Reality brings a new dimension. An engineering team is able to collaborate, see and interact with 3D models in a virtual space. This will change the way engineering is done in the future.





Expert Remote Support

We all use Skype or WebEx for conference calls. Augmented Reality has the equivalent. This feature is beneficial for technicians in the field for collaboration or to ask questions in real time. Companies are looking to keep their senior technicians at home base and send junior and intermediate technicians on-site for repairs and maintenance.The field technician initiates a call to the expert which allows them to view, communicate, annotate and take pictures from the video allowing them to guide the field technician through any challenge.


Employee Training

With Augmented Reality, employees can learn intricate concepts easily with vivid representations. Without fearing rebuke and mistakes, on-the-job training can be carried out effectively, even the most complicated parts can be simulated and trained on by creating a Digital Twin. This allows trainees to learn without fearing rebuke and mistakes.


Equipment Maintenance

A Digital Twin of the equipment helps technicians walk through the repair or maintenance with visual step-by-step procedures.


Quality Assurance

Sometimes it is difficult for the human eye to see imperfections. Augmented Reality allows workers to digitally overlay the perfect product on a physical object, allowing the worker to quickly notice imperfections. 

Augmented Reality helps us move from complex to simple, allowing companies to cut costs and make the workforce more efficient. Manufacturing needs to be ever faster, more diverse, flexible and intelligent than ever before to stay ahead of the competition.