A world-class System Integrator is key to success

We believe that System Integration is a direct reflection of your internal and external business processes, or a translation of it.  This is not just a belief that we have here at Crean Innovations, but it is one of our core pillars on which we have built our Smart Factory initiative.  Developing an integrated solution is a process that may seem daunting at first, but with the right experts at your side it can be overcome and will be a success.

With our  Business Process Evolution (BPE) capabilities and Technical Expertise of technologies and systems, it allows us to provide you with a System Integration plan that is a well-defined roadmap for an eco-system that will exceed your needs and expectations.  Our approach allows us to develop an ideal state that will function as a guide for years to come and will create focus, direction and success.  As part of the roll out of these solutions we will also offer Interface Management.  This is  generally  overlooked but a very crucial part of the implementation phase and your ongoing success.

We provide an end-to-end solution approach to your business use case. Our Business Process Evolution (BPE) team will collaborate with your team to determine which technologies are the best fit. Our System Integration team is comprised of world-class technical professionals and Senior Project and Program Managers with the experience to implement complex systems and integrate them seamlessly.

System Integration is a phase where Business Processes, Technology and execution come together.  Looking at these three elements separately and disconnected is not a recipe for success.